Changing/adding account owners

Note: You will need to have the 'Owner' role in order to make changes.

To change or add account owners, simply log into your account and navigate to the USERS tab as below:

  • If the user already exists and you wish to upgrade their role, click on the ORGANIZATION ROLE drop-down next to their name and select the OWNER option to make them an account owner.

  • Alternatively, you can invite a new user email and set their role as OWNER. This can be achieved by navigating to the USERS tab as above, and clicking on the INVITE A USER button.

  • To confirm their email address, type it in the text field provided and click on the arrow (->) once done. 

  • To set their role, click on the role drop-down and select the OWNER option.

  • Once they accept the invitation, they can then take over the management of the account, including removing you as an owner.

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