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TeamRetro is an efficient online agile retrospective meeting and facilitating tool designed to help teams continuously improve. TeamRetro has a range of customizable agile retrospective toolkit to suit every need.


Choose from our range of agile retrospective templates to experience the difference at your next retrospective meeting. The use of each retrospective can vary in objective, team and other factors. Templates are customizable to further suit your goals.

Learn more about how each retrospective works to know which is best for your team.  


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TeamRetro’s brainstorming process is easy to follow and customizable at every stage to suit your needs. Facilitators can make the whole process visible to the whole team or keep a level of anonymity. The presentation of ideas can be made visually appealing through the use of colors. A timer feature is provided at every stage to help specify a time box for your team and to keep things moving.

Your agile retrospective can be accessed easily by your team members on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop using any modern web browser. 

Brainstorm - Allows each person invited to share their ideas. You can set the stage based on the dynamics of your team to determine how people brainstorm. You can color-code ideas here for better visualization or customize this for anonymity.

Group - Allows the facilitator to determine the settings in the grouping of similar ideas. Save time by using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to suggest related ideas for grouping.  Automatic app suggestions can be to SUGGEST GROUPS, SUGGEST GROUPS WITHIN TOPICS, or can be turned off by choosing DON’T SUGGEST GROUPS. The facilitator can also opt to allow the whole team to group ideas or limit the grouping access to the facilitator only. Here you can also ungroup ideas.

Voting - At this stage, voting for ideas or groups of ideas that team members would most like to discuss is done. The facilitator can customize voting in various ways, through allocating the number of votes for participants and facilitator, through the immediate revelation of votes or in the next step, and through color-coding of votes when anonymity is turned off.

All votes are automatically tallied and displayed. Ideas with the most votes will be shown at the top of the list. 

Discuss -  Allows you and the team to discuss key ideas one by one and create action items based on what is most important to your team. You can opt to discuss all ideas, ideas that garnered votes or just the top 3 voted ideas. Limiting the ideas for discussion will allow your team to focus more on each idea. 

As your team discusses each idea, comments and actions can be added so you can perform deep dives or allow remote team members to share their thoughts simultaneously. To ensure important items won’t be missed or lost, you can assign action items and due dates at any stage.

The discussion of each idea is made easier through a presentation. The facilitator can move from one idea to the next to manage the flow and pace of the discussion.

Review - In this step, you will see a perpetual list of any action items already captured during the discussion. If you think you might have missed actions, you can still add additional items to the list during this time. All action items can be updated, added to, modified, or ticked off items from this list, or shared with your team members.

End - Ending your retrospective summarizes your brainstorming activity. The summary will highlight the action plan laid out by the team and all the inputs for every action. At this stage, you can still assign unfinished actions, set due dates, add comments and tick off completed actions. You cannot add new actions at this point.


Your action plan is a summary report of your retrospective. It can easily be downloaded at the end of your process or shared with members of your team through email. To assist in the follow-through of your action plan, TeamRetro provides features to send you reminders of deadlines through email or limited 3rd party applications.


TeamRetro provides you with easy to follow features to help you in customizing your organization - setting up your team/s and profile/s, adding or removing members and facilitators, and setting up your single sign-on access. If you use Trello or Slack for your team, you can integrate your Trello or Slack account to your TeamRetro account.


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