The retrospective process - ICEBREAKER

An icebreaker is a great way to get the team talking in fun, easy and engaging way. You can create

  • A random icebreakers based on a category
  • An AI generated suggestion based on a theme and prompts
  • A question that you can edit or create

TeamRetro's icebreaker features include

  • A timer
  • A name spinner
  • Add or remove names
  • Reactions
  • Live meeting feedback

Add an icebreaker

  • Create your retro or customize your retro, and click on PROCESS
  • Then enable ICEBREAKER
  • Create a CUSTOM question, or select a CATEGORY and LANGUAGE from the drop down fields.

  • Customize your process and then START RETRO
  • The icebreaker will appear as a step. The names of the team will be populated or you can add or change names as required. Live reactions and meeting feedback are also available. You can also set a timer.

  • You can also explore creating an AI Generated icebreaker based on a given theme and prompt. suggestions for icebreaker questions and their purpose will also be shared.

  • ENJOY!!!

Tips: You can use the icebreaker at any point of the meeting.

If you run asynchronous retrospectives and want people to put in ideas before the meeting, simply leave it in the Brainstorm Step and all participants will be able to add ideas before hand.

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