The retrospective process - WELCOME

"Welcome the team and set the stage"

Before you commence brainstorming ideas, the welcome step helps you share the key focus and themes of the meeting. You can also get a sense of the where the team currently sits by running a check in question.

In the WELCOME step, you can:

  • Preview the key themes and question of the retrospective before participants start.
  • Add context about the meeting. This can be any text you would like to share. The Prime Directive can also be shown as a default.
  • Add an image or picture to theme your retro.
  • Set a timer.
  • Add in a check in question to get a sense of where the team is at.

  • Click on START A RETROSPECTIVE and choose your template, or CUSTOMIZE if you have already created one.

  • Under the GENERAL Tab, add your name, ADD IMAGE and provide the CONTEXT for your meeting. You can use the Prime Directive as default if you wish.

  • Next, click on PROCESS and enable the WELCOME step.

  • OPTIONAL: Choose your check in question from the list and set a timer.

  • Click on START RETROSPECTIVE. The welcome step will now be added to your list of steps. You can return to modify this at any time. The context will also be shown in the sidebar during the meeting should you wish to review it.

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