The retrospective process - GROUP

"Drag and drop to group related ideas together"

Once your team has submitted their ideas; you can combine similar or related ideas into themed groups to make them easier to discuss. In this step, the facilitator (or everybody, depending on the mode) can drag and drop ideas into groups and add group names. Ungroup ideas by simply dragging them apart.

We recommend allowing 2-5 minutes for this step. Once finished, you can proceed to the  VOTE step.

Suggested groups

TeamRetro applies natural language processing techniques to automagically identify potentially related ideas for grouping - these appear as SUGGESTED GROUPS at the top of the idea lists. If you agree with a suggested group, click the ✔ and a new group will be created. Don't like the suggested grouping, and you can click ✘ to return the ideas to their original positions.

You can choose to either SUGGEST GROUPS WITHIN TOPICS  - eg. 'What went well?' ideas will only be grouped together


SUGGEST GROUPS ACROSS ALL TOPICS - eg. 'What went well?' ideas will be able to group with ideas from What went less well?'

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