The retrospective process - CLOSE

Close your retrospective with a summary, key metrics and a list of action items and outcomes. You can share the outcomes easily, as well as run a check out question to get meeting feedback.

Use this step to:

  • Reflect on the retrospective and outcomes
  • Run a check out question
  • Download, share or publish meeting summaries and action plan.

  • Run a check out question to get a sense of how your team feels.
  • PUBLISH action items to your integrated tools like Slack, Jira and Confluence.
  • DOWNLOAD meetings summaries, actions, comments and ideas in PDF, CSV or Excel formats.
  • SHARE meeting summaries, actions and outcomes with people via Email (in app). You can share individual action items or actions for the whole team.

Facilitators can also generate comprehensive AI-powered summaries at the end of the retrospective meeting. These summaries provide detailed citations for comments, ideas, and actions associated with each summary topic, and can be edited as needed for accuracy and context.

  • See who was involved in your meeting (if not anonymous)
  • See the final action list and capture any final thoughts and comments.

  • You can also see existing open actions, team agreements and get a high level view of your retro. Click on EXIT RETROSPECTIVE to return to your dashboard where you will see all previous retros.

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