The retrospective process - CLOSE

Close your retrospective with a summary, key metrics and a list of action items and outcomes. You can share the outcomes easily, as well as run a check out question to get meeting feedback.

Use this step to:

  • Reflect on the retrospective and outcomes
  • Run a check out question
  • Download, share or publish meeting summaries and action plan.

  • Run a check out question to get a sense of how your team feels.
  • PUBLISH action items to your integrated tools like Slack, Jira and Confluence.
  • DOWNLOAD meetings summaries, actions, comments and ideas in PDF, CSV or Excel formats.
  • SHARE meeting summaries, actions and outcomes with people via Email (in app). You can share individual action items or actions for the whole team.

  • See who was involved in your meeting (if not anonymous)
  • See the final action list and capture any final thoughts and comments.

  • You can also see existing open actions, team agreements and get a high level view of your retro. Click on EXIT RETROSPECTIVE to return to your dashboard where you will see all previous retros.

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