Getting started

Welcome to TeamRetro - Here's what you need to know to get started.

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Reflect with your team on how things have gone, identify action items for improvement

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Health checks

Reflect on the team's health and morale, and track how it changes over time.

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Tracking actions

Track your action items as a team to increase follow through.

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Facilitating meetings

Tips and strategies on how to facilitate your agile retrospectives and health checks.

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Return on time invested

Find out how valuable your team thought the meeting was.

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Managing your teams

Creating, managing teams and team membership.

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Managing your organization account

Manage your account profile, single sign on, security and org settings.

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Managing your subscription

View, update, cancel your subscription.

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Insights (Previously Reporting)

Explore the data with Agile metrics, team sentiment, trends, and download reports.

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Integrate TeamRetro with workflow and collaboration tools.

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Security and Privacy

Keeping your data safe and secure.

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Access reporting programmatically and easily provision and manage teams and users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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