Getting started

Welcome to TeamRetro: Your Quick Start Guide!

3 articles


Assess progress, find areas to improve.

24 articles

Health checks

Monitor team health and morale trends.

18 articles


Propose, create and track actions

7 articles

Team agreements

Get your team aligned

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Facilitating meetings

Agile retrospective and health check tips.

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Return on time invested

Rate team meeting value.

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Managing your teams

Team creation and member management.

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Managing your organization account

Handle profile, SSO, security, and org settings.

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Managing your subscription

View, update, cancel your subscription.

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Insights & Reports

Analyze agile data, sentiment, trends, and reports.

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Integrate TeamRetro with workflow tools.

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Security and Privacy

Keeping your data safe and secure.

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Streamlined user data management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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