The retrospective process - DISCUSS

  • This step allows you and the team to discuss key ideas one by one and create action items based on what is most important to your team.

DISCUSS ALL ideas if you have not used voting or if you want to show all ideas.

DISCUSS ALL GROUPS WITH VOTES to show only ideas that were assigned votes.

DISCUSS TOP N VOTED GROUPS lets you show only say the top 3 highest voted ideas for discussion.

  • Additional COMMENTS can be made under each idea so you can perform deep dives or allow remote team members to share their thoughts.

  • As the team discusses each idea, action items can be assigned so that they are not forgotten or lost. 

  • You can decide if EVERYONE CAN ADD ACTIONS or if ONLY THE FACILITATOR CAN ADD ACTIONS. To add an action, click on the idea and you will see the ability to create one or multiple action items, assign dates and owner as needed.

  • A TIMER feature allows you to time box this activity if needed.

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