Add and remove actions

Actions can be captured at multiple points and can also be assigned a priority, due date and owner. 

For each action identified, you can assign High, Medium or Low priority. You can also include a target date for an action to be completed and assign one or more member who owns the action.  

TeamRetro automatically pulls all the action items across all meetings into a single list for the team which can be reviewed in the ACTION sidebar at any time. This helps you keep track of which actions are still open and to help remove any impediments.

You can allow people to simply add an action, or propose actions to others before it is accepted.

Actions can be added:

1. During a meeting and linked to an idea or from the action side bar.

2. Before or after a meeting from the Team Home page in the perpetual action list.

Capturing Actions During a Meeting

Actions can be added at anytime on the actions side bar or during the discuss and review steps.


  • In the DISCUSS STEP.  Open an idea and add or propose the action item. This will link this action to the idea.

  • In the REVIEW STEP.

You will see a perpetual list of any action items already captured during DISCUSSION as well as any existing team actions from previous meetings. You can add or edit actions and review the full set of actions.

  • In the SideBar - Action Tabs

Action items can also be captured on the Action Sidebar at any step of the meeting. Adding actions here are not linked to a specific idea.

The Action Sidebar can be a useful reference at the start of the meeting to check off previous items that have been done, or to capture general actions that are not linked to a specific idea. It is a handy reference to see all accepted, proposed, open, completed, or rejected actions for the team at any time, while still allowing you to capture additional actions and comments on those actions.

Capturing Actions On The Team Home Page 

You will see an aggregated list of all action items from all meetings you have run. You can update, comment, add to, modify or tick off items from this list, as well as share the list with your team.

  • To check off a completed action item, click the ✔️ symbol.

  • You can also assign or change an owner for an action.

  • You can set or change the priority level of an action.

  • To remove an action, click thesymbol then DELETE.

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