Insights - actions

Insights into your action items from your retrospectives and health checks for the selected timeframe and team/s.

Cross Team Insights and Reports are available only on an Enterprise plan.

This chart shows the number of actions created by teams over time. Actions can be created during a retrospective or health check, or from a team or personal dashboard before or after a meeting.

This chart shows the age of actions that are still open or have not yet been published. The age is based on the date that the action was first created.  This does not show closed actions.

This chart shows the number of actions that have been published to your team’s integrated workflow tool.

Items which are published are not counted in open or completed action items as it will be managed and reported on in the workflow tool (e.g. Jira, Trello, etc).

This table shows a range of time to completion metrics that can be used to track team action and accountability.

Overdue - the number of days an action item is overdue based on the assigned completion date, if applicable.

Open - This is the number of current open actions for each team. The color bar indicates the number of days an action item has been open from the date it was first created.

Completed - This shows the number of days it took to complete an action item for each team from the date the action was first created.

Published - This is the number of action items that has been pushed into the team's integrated workflow.

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