Insights - reports

Understand how your team/s are using TeamRetro. From retrospectives and health checks to team agreements and historical data, you can identify opportunities and areas for improvements. 

You can change the date and team filter as needed which will reflect in the report downloads.

Cross Team Insights and Reports are an Enterprise Plan feature.

For further information on the individual reports, follow the links:

Report - Teams

Report - Users

Report - Actions

Report - Agreements

Report - Retrospective Meetings

Report - Health Check Meetings

Health Check Model Reports

You can download these reports under each health model as EXCEL or CSV files.

  • Latest ratings - Download the last rating of each health check dimension.
  • Historical Ratings - Download the historical average rating of each health check dimension.
  • Latest Comments - Download all the comments from the last health check. Participant anonymity is based on the setting for that health check.
  • Historical Comments - Download all historical comments for each health check dimension.

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