Report - health check meetings

Cross-team reports are an Enterprise Plan feature

The Health Check Meetings Report is designed to provide a high level view of how your teams are utilising TeamRetro health checks. There is one row per health check meeting. This report does not include details of actual health check scores or the specific comments and actions the team may have had.   


Team The name of the team creating the health check
Team Tags Comma-delimited list of team tags (Enterprise)
Date Date the health check was created
Meeting Title The title of the health check (eg. "Sprint 2 Team Pulse")
Health Model The type of health check performed (eg. "Squad Health Check")
Facilitators A list of the users who facilitated this retrospective.
Participants (#) The total number of participants who were invited or joined this retrospective.
Participation Rate The proportion of retrospective participants who rated or commented.
Anonymity Anonymity level (FULL, ALIASES, OFF)
Comments The number of comments added
New Actions The number of actions created
New Agreements The number of team agreements created

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