The retrospective process - VOTE

"Vote on the ideas you'd like to discuss"

Your team can vote for ideas or idea groups that they would most like to discuss further. Each participant starts with a fixed number of dot votes which they can then allocate across the ideas (assigning multiple votes to a single idea is allowed). 

Allocate the number of  VOTES each person in the team has based on the number of topics you have or how many discussion items you want to have.

You can set votes as UNLIMITED FOR FACILITATOR if you simply want it to record a number via a physical count (e.g. raised hands).

  • SHOW IMMEDIATELY so that votes are shown as they are cast - this can be an effective way of encouraging participants to allocate their votes quickly. 
  • SHOW IN NEXT STEP if you want to keep voting anonymous and avoid group-think.
  • You can keep votes anonymous and DON’T COLOR VOTES (Default) or you can COLOR VOTES BY PARTICIPANT.

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