Starting A Retrospective

TeamRetro agile retrospective meetings provide your team the opportunity to reflect on their recent experiences and identify opportunities to improve moving forward. Retrospectives will usually focus on a specific time period or event - eg. most recent development sprint or iteration, a recently completed project. 

To start a new Retrospective, you will first need to navigate to the home page of the team the Retrospective is for. 

 The quickest way to view your teams is by clicking on the in the top left corner. 

This opens the sidebar where you can navigate to a Team's home page by simply clicking on the Team's name.

Now you are on the Team Home Page, and we are almost there! 

Click the + and you will be presented with a range of customizable templates to get you started! 

You can also click START A RETROSPECTIVE from the RETROSPECTIVES tab.

Select your template, give it a name and click START RETROSPECTIVE

Next, you can add team members to your Retrospective via Email or Code/Link. 
Additional members can still be added later.

Your Retrospective is now ready!

You can also CUSTOMIZIE YOUR RETROSPECTIVE by editing the topics. You can add icons, and change their color and order.

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