Customising your retrospective

Can’t find a suitable template? You can customize one of ours or start from a blank canvas to suit your needs!

In your TeamRetro account under the RETROSPECTIVES tab, when you START A RETROSPECTIVE, you can select one from our ready-to-use templates or choose a Blank Template if you wish to start from scratch.

Change the TITLE  for your meeting, give CONTEXT to set the stage, and choose your ANONYMITY.

  • ANONYMOUS means all names will be hidden even to the facilitator.
  • ALIAS will add a customizable avatar to each idea.
  • NAMES attaches the team member's name to each idea.

Click on the  TOPICS tab and you will be able to edit the title of your topics and add additional topics. 

Customize your topics by adding icons, changing their color, and editing their order.

Use the   ↓  ↑  symbols to change the order of your topics.

To change the Topics icon, click on the icon and you can choose from a variety of emoticons, icons, numbers, and letters. You can also upload your preferred images for a more personal touch.

To change the color of the topic and its associated icon, click on the color pallet symbol and a range of color options will appear. 

After your customizations are complete, Click START RETROSPECTIVE and your retrospective is ready for your team!

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