Customising your retrospective

You can customize your retrospectives and tailor it to the needs of your team including:

  • Titles
  • Topics and topic descriptions
  • Topic Icons
  • Anonymity
  • Background images
  • Process steps (including which steps and the default for each step)
  • Enable or disable process steps

Customize an exisiting template

  • Under the RETROSPECTIVES tab, START A RETROSPECTIVE and select from our ready-to-use templates or choose a Blank Template if you wish to start from scratch.

  • Change the TITLE  for your meeting, give CONTEXT to set the stage, and choose your ANONYMITY.
    • ANONYMOUS means all names will be hidden even to the facilitator.
    • ALIAS will add a customizable avatar to each idea.
    • NAMES attaches the team member's name to each idea.

  • Use the TOPICS tab to edit titles including the description, order and colour.

  • You can also add icons, change their color, and their order. by using the  ↓  ↑  symbols.
  • Click on the icon to choose from a variety of emoticons, icons, numbers, and letters. You can also upload your preferred images for a more personal touch.

  • Use the color pallet to change the color of the topic and icon.

  • Use the PROCESS tab to enable/disable steps and set the defaults of each. Please note that you cannot disable brainstorm and the close step.

  • Click START RETROSPECTIVE and your retro is ready for your team!

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