Background music

Make your retrospective and health check meetings more fun by enabling background music in TeamRetro. You can choose from any of the genres below:

  • Acoustic
  • Chilled
  • Classical
  • Global
  • Inspiring
  • Upbeat

Please note that you can play a background music in all stages except during presentation mode and on the icebreaker stage.

Individual participants can also disable the music on their own device.

To play a background music:

  1. Click the TIMER icon. Set a time duration. Click the MUSIC icon and select a genre.

  1. Click START and the music will play on the background.

You can turn off the background music by repeating the same step.

Adjusting the volume

You can also adjust your local background music volume while the timer is running by clicking on the music icon.

Disabling music (individual participants)

To disable music:

  1. Click the TIMER icon. Click the MUSIC icon and select OFF.

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