Using AI-generated templates

Need a fun and quick way to explore different themes and ideas? Get inspiration from our AI generated templates that will instantly create a novel and fun retrospective template.

You can utilize AI-generated retrospectives to enhance your retrospective experience and instantly create a template for your team. 

To generate a retrospective template using AI:

  1. Choose your team and navigate to RETROSPECTIVES
  3. Set the number of TOPICS, choose the type of  TEAM the retrospective is for, and select a LANGUAGE
  4. Enter your THEME , e.g Mythical creates and hit the WAND when ready.

  1. A template suggestion will be provided. For example,

  1. You can edit the topics, descriptions, icons, and colors if you wish to, before starting the retrospective, or, TRY A DIFFERENT THEME. You can save the retrospective as a template if you think you might need to use the same theme in the future. 

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