Creating a custom health model

To create a custom health model, you'll need to be a team administrator or organizational owner.

You can create a custom health model for your team or for your organization.

Creating a custom health model

Under Team SETTINGS or Organisation level SETTINGS

Creating a template under the team settings means that those templates are only visible to the team

Creating a template under the organizational level means that it will be available to all teams in the organization. You can also choose the default health check for all teams.

To create a Team level custom health model navigate to the Team Home Page.
Click the SETTINGS tab, then click HEALTH CHECKS, and next click CREATE A CUSTOM HEALTH MODEL

To create an Organization level custom health model navigate to the Organization Home Page.
Click the SETTINGS tab, then click HEALTH CHECKS, and next click CREATE A CUSTOM HEALTH MODEL

Choose the style of Health check you would like
Emotion - A traffic light style using negative, neutral or positive emoticons for people to respond to.
Scale - A numerical scale that allows people to indicate a min or max response

Ranged - A survey style model that allows you to add a descriptor for each numerical response.

In the dialog that appears, you can pick a name for your new health model and customize each of the health dimensions - this is the information that will be presented to your team members while they complete the health check survey. 
Please note: once a health model has been used; removing dimensions may result in the loss of previous health ratings for that dimension, and adding questions will result in gaps in the health rating history.  
After clicking CREATE the template will appear in your Health Check Library.

If you are on an ENTERPRISE level account, this health check will be added to your organizational dashboard where you can track the overall progress of the health of your teams over a period of time, as well as generate team health reports.

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