Introduction to health checks

Health checks allow you and your team to have a focused conversation on how you are tracking along key dimensions of team health, such as communication, fun, velocity, processes, etc. - and tracking how they evolve over time. 

Health checks are a fantastic way to identify actions you can take to improve your team dynamic; even when the specific opportunities are not currently top-of-mind for the team. Out of the box, TeamRetro supports a standard Team Health Check, the Squad Health Check model, Team Health Radar, and Remote Team Happiness - or you can always build your own.

There are 3 different options for health checks including emoticons, numerical, and a scaled range.

Health check meeting

Step 1 - Survey

Each member of your team anonymously rates their perception of the team's performance along each dimension. Learn more

Step 2 - Discuss

Discuss the results of the survey are revealed to the team. If this health check model has been used in the past, the trend (getting better, getting worse) will also be indicated. Team members can independently view each health dimension and add their comments or ideas for action items to improve the score, or the facilitator can guide the conversation and present each dimension one by one for the team to discuss and identify actions together. Learn more

Step 3 - Review

The team reviews the actions identified during the meeting and optionally assigns owners and due dates for additional accountability. This is also an opportunity to review actions from previous retrospectives or health checks and update their status. Learn more

Step 4 - Share

The meeting comes to a close and the results can be shared with the team - whether by email, PDF report, or downloaded into EXCEL or CSV formats. Learn more

You can also publish through your integrated management app. (eg. Jira, Github, Trello, Basecamp)

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