The health check process - DISCUSS

"Discuss and identify actions"

In the Discuss step, the results of the SURVEY are revealed to the team. If this health check model has been used in the past, the trend (getting better, getting worse) will also be indicated. 

Team members can then independently expand on each health dimension and add their comments or ideas for action items to improve the score; or the facilitator may guide the conversation and present each dimension one by one for the team to discuss and identify actions. 

By default, the health dimensions will be shown in the original order. As a facilitator, you can change the sort order to decide what you should focus first:

  • Sort positive first - Focus on what the team is doing well. Are there any actions that should be taken to capitalize on these strengths, or embed them further?
  • Sort negative first - Focus on what the team could improve. Are there any actions that can be taken to improve the teams performance.
  • Sort mixed first - Focus on where there is disagreement. Are there aspects that work for some, but not all team members? Are there actions that can be taken to address the concerns of the minority

Guide the Conversation

By default, all team members will be able to freely explore and comment on each dimension in their own time. 

As facilitator, if you'd like to guide the conversation, click the START PRESENTING button to enter into presentation mode; where team members can only see one dimension- the same dimension- at a time. 

While in presentation mode, only meeting facilitators will be able to move from one dimension to the next.

Who can add actions

By default, all health check participants will be able to add action items to any dimension. If you'd like to ensure all actions are discussed as a team before being captured in TeamRetro, you can switch Everyone can add actions to Facilitators can add actions in the facilitation header on the top right. 

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