The health check process - OPEN ACTIONS

This step allows you to review past actions created that still need to be closed.

Use this step to

  • Remind people of the key focus of a health checks.
  • Celebrate successes and acknowledge what has been achieved.
  • Address blockers.
  • Review or tick off completed actions
  • Remind people of team agreements before you begin the health check.

Note: You can also review actions in the side panel at any step. This can simply be added if you would like to review any open actions prior to starting your health check.


  • Create or customize your health check, and click on PROCESS.
  • Enable Open Actions.

  • This will now appear in your steps. Review priorities, due dates and assignees and tick off any completed items. If integrated, you can also publish any action items to your workflow management tool.

  • Use PRESENT mode if you would like to discuss each action or team agreement in more detail.

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