The health check process - SURVEY

"Rate your team along each health check dimension"

In the first step of a health check meeting, each team member anonymously rates the team based on their perception of each health dimension - bad, neutral or good. To avoid group-think rating results will not be revealed until the facilitator moves the meeting to discuss. 

The health dimensions are defined as part of a health model that may be used in multiple health check meetings, allowing you to track changes over time. You can switch or customize your health model via your team page (see Custom health models). 

Once all participants are complete, the facilitator can move to the DISCUSS step.

Tracking completion

You can keep track of the team members progress by watching the progress bars show beneath each participant's name in the Participants Pane, or in the meeting header where the number of completed participants is shown.

We've found this step often usually takes 5 minutes for all participants to complete. 


If you want to keep things moving quickly, you can set a countdown timer through the stopwatch in the top right-hand corner of the screen. When your time is up the timer will go red and pulse to grab your attention.


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