Health check radar statistics

  • Heath Check Radar statistics now give you more insight into team member responses when conducting a health check. This lets you identify any trends, patterns or anomalies that you can address as a team. This helps give you more insight into your health radars and add more value.

    For each health check, you can now see the following statistics for each dimension:

    • Individual ratings - shows each individual's ratings
    • Median - shows the middle rating
    • Mode - shows the most common rating
    • Mean - shows the average rating from all ratings
    • Standard deviation - shows a spread of 1 standard deviation of responses
    • Distribution - shows ratings as a heat map of all ratings
    • Range - shows the range from highest to lowest.

Note: Mean is the default selection to be displayed and hence can't be de-selected. Any additional statistics chosen will be overlayed on the mean.

    • After each team member has rated, go to DISCUSS and select which statistic(s) you would like under the SHOW Drop Down Options
    • The chosen statistics will be synchronised and shown to everyone's screen. Everyone will be able to see the same set of statistics. This helps you better facilitate discussions.

    • INDIVIDUAL visualizes each person's response as their own spider graph. The more solid the line, the more consensus there is on that dimension.

    • MEDIAN shows the middle rating from the group. The further away the median is from the mean, the more disparity there is in the responses for that dimension.

    • MODE shows the most common rating which means that most of the team members for a dimension and shows the majority rating. A gap could represent the presence of an outlier.

    • MEAN is the default rating and shows the sum average of all responses.  This is the baseline statistic measure.

    • STANDARD DEVIATION visualises a band across the responses showing 1 standard deviation.

    • DISTRIBUTION visualizes all responses as a heat map that shows you where the most responses were. The darker colours mean there were more responses and the more opaque ones means there were less. This tells you where most people responded on a particular rating, per dimension.

    • RANGE shows the spread from highest to lowest responses for each dimension. This lets you see how widely spread views may be within your team, or if they are in fact close to consensus.

    • Each health dimension card continues to show the MEAN (Average) results. If you have run the same health check before, the average rating of each dimension will be shown as a trend line. There is also a tally of individual responses from the current health check.

    • When you SHARE the final health check report, any selected statistics will also be displayed on the summary report.

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