Insights - health

Insights into your team health checks for the selected timeframe and team/s.

Cross Team Insights and Reports are available only on an Enterprise plan.

Key Metrics

Displays key metrics related to health checks for your team/s for the selected time frame and teams.

Participation rate is based on invited team members who engaged in the meeting (i.e. added an idea, comment, vote or proposed an action ). This excludes team members who were invited but never joined the meeting.

Latest ratings

You have the option to select the Health Check model you wish to explore by clicking the MODEL NAME (as shown above) next to the heading.

The chart that will be displayed helps identify issues or concerns that you can address for the selected health check model. It will also display your team’s latest health check ratings and how it compares with that of the previous one, if any. The size and direction of the triangles also help show the trend of the responses. '△' means it is getting better. '▽' means it is getting worse. Otherwise, if there is no triangle visible, that suggests that there is no change. Whereas the tick '✓' indicates that there is at least one.

Historical ratings

Displays the historical ratings for each health dimension over time for all selected teams to help you identify trends, patterns or anomalies for a specific health check model.

SHOW AVERAGE - displays a curve, based on the average rating of the health dimension.

SHOW BREAKDOWN - displays each rating as a proportion of all responses.

You can also download a copy of the health check ratings in an Excel or CSV format for each health model by clicking the DOWNLOAD BUTTON next to the health check model.

Survey comments

Displays a word cloud of the comments made by members for a specific health check model in the SURVEY step. The word clouds exclude stop words and comments on ideas in the DISCUSS, and other subsequent, steps.

The color of the words are based on the average rating of the color scale associated with the comment provided by the team member.

The size of the words are based on the frequency they occur in the comments by team members.

Return on time invested (ROTI)

Displays the trends from participant ratings for ROTI at the end of a health check, if applied. The size of the dots represents the number of responses for that rating. The bigger the dot, the bigger the number of responses for that rating. An indicative trendline based on the average of all responses is also displayed.

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