Downloading health check comments & ratings

Health Check Comments Report

You can download summaries of health check survey comments at both the team level (all plans) and the account level (for enterprise plans).

This will show you the comments made for each health dimension, giving you a better idea of why people rated each dimension.

Team Level reports (All plans)

All team-level comment reports are anonymized according to the health check settings.

  • Browse to your TEAM, then to HEALTH CHECKS
  • Under DOWNLOAD, select Survey comments in either EXCEL or CSV format.

Account-level reports (Enterprise Plans)

These are available to organizational admins only. All Account level reports are fully anonymized, irrespective of individual health check settings.

  • Browse to REPORTS for the whole organization.

  • Under the HEALTH tab, you will see a DOWNLOAD option against each health check.
  • Select either the Latest survey comments or Historical survey comments in EXCEL or CSV.

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