Team profile

Creating an identity for your team can boost the self-confidence of your team members and generate a more effective activity. A team profile can be a reminder of camaraderie and teamwork.

To edit your team's name go to your TEAM HOME PAGE.

The quickest way to view your teams is by clicking on the  in the top left corner. This opens the sidebar where you can navigate to a team's home page by simply clicking on the team's name.

On your TEAM profile, you can edit your TEAM NAME and add a TAGLINE (or quote) that you might find helpful in your brainstorming activities.

You can also personalize the team profile by;

Adding a photo or the logo of your team - Click on the ✏️LOGO icon to upload a logo for your team.

Coloring your Team - Click on the COLOR PALLETE icon to display a choice of colors to select from.

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