Archiving teams

Team Archiving is available to Enterprise customers.

Archiving a team allows you to move existing teams and data to an archived organization and free up team slots for new teams.

How are teams archived?

Teams can be achieved each renewal period (annually). Simply provide the names of the teams you would like archived and they will be archived as part of the renewal period. Please write to us at

Are there any costs associated with archiving teams?

There are no costs for the annual archiving process. Additional costs may apply if you require more frequent archiving and restoration.

How do I restore an archived team?

Simply request for a team to be unarchived via Please allow for 3 to 5 working days for this. Your current plan must have an empty, active team spot for the archive team to be reinstated into. If you do not have any available teams, then your account will be upgraded to allow for archive teams to be restored.

Can I still view, edit, or use my archive teams?

Archive teams can be viewed, however cannot be edited or used.

How long can I archive teams?

You can archive teams as long as you have an active subscription plan. Once you no longer have an active subscription, our standard data retention periods apply.

How many teams can I archive?

You can archive up to the number of teams you have on your active plan. e.g. if you have 35 active teams now you can have up to 35 archived teams. Otherwise, they can be deleted to free up space.

What happens to archived team data in the reports?

Once a team is archived, any associated data will not be downloadable and will not be reported on for that organization. Any associated actions, comments, and meeting data will also be hidden while the team is archived.

Can I also archive programs?

Yes, you sure can.

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