Team tagging

Team tagging is an Enterprise Plan feature. Contact us to upgrade if needed.

The team tagging feature allows you to add custom tags to teams. This allows you to filter team lists and cross-team reports thereby generating filtered team reports along organizational lines. This is useful if you want to show reports for teams by Program Manager, Tribe, Department, Location or Product.

A tag is defined as an identifier designed to describe a specific detail of your team. 

  • Only organization owners and administrators can create, delete and allocate  tag teams
  • Team tags can be added at any time via the TAGS field for each team
  • A Team can be allocated multiple tags.
  • Tags can be added to new or existing teams.
  • Team tags are not editable by Team Admins.
  • Tags are case sensitive and alpha-numeric
  • Your last filtered view will be saved for each user

If you are an enterprise client with a large number of teams that require tagging, please contact us if you would like us to bulk tag your existing teams.

Create and Assign tags

To add tags to your team, navigate to the Organization Home Page by clicking the ≡ in the top left corner.

  • From your Organization Home Page, select the team to you wish to tag.

  • Click on SETTINGS tab and then TEAM tab.

  • Enter the detail of the tag into the TAGS field. Create a new tag or choose from an existing tag. You can have more than one tag per team.

  • Click SAVE CHANGES to update the team profile and save the tag/s.

The saved tag will appear in the TAGS drop-down menu for future use. Tags can also be added in the TAGS field when creating a new team.

Filtering by tag (Team List)

  • Tags can be used to filter your team lists on your Organization Home Page.
  • Select your Team Tags to turn the FILTER on. You can have more than one tag selected.

  • The list will then be filtered to show results.

Filtering by tag (Report)

  • Navigate to the REPORTS tab at the organization or program.
  • FILTER to display your Team Tags and select the tag/s you wish. 
  • The filtered results will then be applied across all downloaded reports as well as the Activity, Health and Action dashboards.
  • TeamRetro will retain your last saved filters when you next log in.

Deleting Tags

How do I delete a tag from the drop down menu?

You have to remove the tag from all the team profiles associated with that tag.

Tags that are no longer in use or associated with a current team will no longer appear in the drop down Menus.

How do I delete a tag from a team?

Simply go into the relevant team and delete the tag from the TAGS field.

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