Introduction to TeamRetro Roles and Permissions

TeamRetro manages user permissions and roles at three levels: 

  • Within each organization
  • Within each team
  • Within each retrospective meeting

This document summarizes what these roles represent and the permissions each have.

Organization Member Roles

Three roles exist within your organizational account -  OwnerAdmin, and Member. The Owner role is automatically assigned to the user who initially created the organization, and cannot be reassigned via the application (if you wish to transfer ownership of an organization please contact us at By default, all additional users added to an organization have only the member role.

  Owner Administrator User (default)
Manage TeamRetro subscription and billing YES    
Manage organization settings
(name, subdomain, single-sign-on etc)
Manage organization members    
(view, add, manage roles, remove)
Manage all teams
(view, create, edit, remove)
View organization-wide reports YES YES  
Be a team member YES YES YES

Team Member Roles

Team Members may be assigned the additional Admin role, granting them privileges to manage membership of the team and create new retrospectives. Each team must have at least one admin. 

Administrator Member (default)
Invite team members
(New users will be added as Organization Members)
View team members YES YES
Promote members to admin role YES
Remove team members YES
Start a retrospective meeting YES
Delete finished retrospective meetings YES
Participate in any team retrospective YES (as Facilitator) YES (as Participant)
Create, edit, delete team actions YES YES
Manage team options
(name, logo, integrations, etc)
Delete the team YES

Retrospective / Health Check Participant Roles

Retrospective / Health Check Participants may be granted the Facilitator role, giving them tools to drive the retrospective activities. Each activity must have at least one Facilitator. By default, only the Team Admin who started the activity has the Facilitator role.

  Facilitator Participant (default) Guest (enterprise-only)
Will be automatically added as team member YES YES  
Invite participants YES    
Manage participant roles YES
Modify retrospective / health check settings
(topics, brainstorm style, group permissions, action permissions, etc)
Move the retrospective / health check between steps 
(Brainstorm, Group, Vote, Discuss, etc...)
Set an activity timer YES
Add ideas YES YES YES
Edit own ideas YES YES YES
Edit others' ideas YES    
Add comments YES YES YES
Group / ungroup ideas YES (depends on retro settings) (depends on retro settings)
Add / edit / remove actions YES (depends on retro settings) (depends on retro settings)
End a retrospective YES    

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