Inviting observers

INVITING OBSERVERS is available on Enterprise plans only.

If you are an team administrator, you can invite people to observe a meeting.

The role of the observer (such as a coach, new team member, cross-team collaborator, or leader) is a way for people to share knowledge, offer feedback if needed after the meeting, and learn more about how teams work. They can observe the process, dynamics, and operations of the team but cannot influence the process.

Unlike regular participants, observers:

  • are always named (regardless of meeting anonymity) to help maintain a safe space for contributing participants. 
  • cannot add ideas, vote, react, rate, comment, or take any other actions - they can only observe.
  • will not be automatically added as team members.
  • cannot be existing team members.

To invite an observer,

  • You must be a team admin.
  • Browse to the team.
  • Start a new / Click on the specific retrospective or health check meeting.
  • Click on INVITE TEAM and then add the email of the team member.
  • Select their role as OBSERVER.

Please note that you cannot change the role of an observer during a meeting.

  • Observers are named in reports but are not included in stats such as the number of participants or participantion rates.

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