Inviting Facilitators

You can invite others to act as facilitators only for a meeting. The Facilitator Only role allows the meeting facilitator to manage the retrospective or health check meeting without contributing or participating. This ensures an environment where team members are not biased or influenced.

The Facilitator Only role will be able to:

  • Modify retrospective & health check settings
  • Invite participants
  • Conduct the meeting and process
  • Group ideas
  • Add actions and agreements as discussed by the team

They will not be able to:

  • Contribute ideas
  • Vote on ideas

As a facilitator, you can change your role to be Facilitator Only or act as a participant as well:

  • In the meeting, click on your avatar
  • Change your role to Facilitator Only.

To invite another team member to be Facilitator only:

  • Click on the Team pane in your meeting
  • In the Invite team email drop-down, select Facilitator Only

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