Inviting guests

INVITING GUESTS is available on Enterprise plans only.

If you are on an Enterprise plan, you can invite a person as a guest to a single retrospective or health check. This means that they will not see any other meeting data, nor will they be added to the team. This feature allows you to invite an external coach, facilitator or observer to the meeting as a once-off activity.

Guests can contribute at a single meeting but will not have access on team pages and will not be able to access team or organisational level pages.

To invite a guest,

  • Browse to the team.
  • Start a new/Click on the specific retrospective or health check meeting.
  • Click on INVITE TEAM and then add the email of the team member.
  • Change their role to GUEST.

Alternatively, you can simply send out a guest invite link to the corresponding users and they will join your meeting as guests. To do so, click on the GUEST tab once the invite dialog opens up and copy the link it displays.

You can reassign the permission and roles of members in your teams as needed.

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