Getting started with programs (teams of teams)

Programs are an enterprise feature. If you are interested in this functionality, please contact us at

A PROGRAM is a group of teams that come together to run their own meetings. This allows you to run scaled retrospectives and health checks with multiple teams at the same time without giving access to a team to everyone else's data.

  • A team can be a member of multiple programs
  • Users can be a member of multiple teams in a program - they'll only be invited once
  • A person can be a Program Admin
  • A program counts as a single team for subscription purposes

When running a retrospective or health check, all users who are invited will be able to see the ideas, comments, and actions in the program. Results for the organization are reported at the program level only. (Team Statistics, Retrospective Statistics, Health Check Statistics and Team Health History, etc)

Example program setup:

The diagram below indicates a program set up in TeamRetro. 

To create a program:

  1. In the ORGANIZATION HOME PAGE, click CREATE PROGRAM. If you don't see this option, you may not be on a subscription plan that includes programs - contact for more information.

  1. Add any additional users who belong to the program but may not be members of a team in the program. This could include the program administrator, management, etc. Members with the ADMINISTRATOR role will have permission to view program reports.

Once your program has been created, you can use it like any TeamRetro team. 

In the Invite dialog, you'll see program teams as well as the program users to facilitate inviting members from all teams at the same time. 

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