Setting Up Programs (Teams of Teams)

Programs are an enterprise feature. If you are interested in this functionality please contact us at

A PROGRAM in TeamRetro is a special type of team (a team of teams) that has a few additional properties:

  • It can have both member users, and member teams - when running a retrospective or health check, all users who are directly added to the program or indirectly members of program teams will be invited.
  • Organization-level reports are available at the program level - these include Team Statistics, Retrospective Statistics, Health Check Statistics and Team Health History. These reports are accessible to program Administrators. 

To create a program:

  • Click CREATE PROGRAM on your organization Teams page
  • Provide a name for your program, then click the right arrow button
  • Select which teams are members of this program, then click the right arrow button.
  • Add any additional users who belong in the program but may not be members of program teams. This could include the program administrator, management etc. Users with the ADMINISTRATOR role will have permission to view program reports.

Once your program has been created, you can use it like any TeamRetro team. In the Invite dialog you'll see program teams as well as the program users to facilitate inviting members of all teams at the same time. 

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