Requesting team access

Account users can request to join an existing team as a member or administrator directly within TeamRetro.  Requests must be accepted or rejected by an existing team administrator.


  • You must have permission to view the list of teams in your TeamRetro organization account.
  • If you are unable to see the team you wish to join, then please contact your organisational owner as they may have disabled this feature.

  •  Browse to TEAMS.

  • Locate the team of interest. Use the drop-down to REQUEST ACCESS based on the level of access you would like.

  • Access requests will be emailed to the Team Admin/s to be accepted or declined. 
  • Pending requests are displayed on your home screen. You can choose to CANCEL REQUEST if you no longer need access to a team.

  • Once a Team Admin/s accepts the request, you will be added to the team.

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