Domain capture (Enterprise)

TeamRetro Domain Capture allows you to present a predefined message to any users who attempt to create a new TeamRetro account using an email address associated with your corporate domain name with instructions on the correct process to follow to request access to your corporate account.

When enabled, the domain capture feature works as follows:

  • User browses to and opts to create a new account (rather than signing into the corporate account)
  • User enters their corporate email address
  • TeamRetro identifies as a captured domain, and presents the user a predefined message, eg:"My Company has a TeamRetro enterprise account. Please contact to request access for your team."

Note: Users retain the option to proceed and create a new trial account if they wish.

Domain Capture is available to ENTERPRISE plan customers - if you would like it enabled on your account please contact our support team at

Please note our support team will require you to demonstrate ownership of your domain name prior to enabling this feature on your account.

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