Using presentation mode

Using the PRESENTATION MODE better facilitates a discussion by showing one main idea at a time across all of the team members' devices. This lets you sync and focus the conversation while allowing you to capture comments, reactions and feedback. 

Only the facilitators can initiate presentation mode by clicking on PRESENT in the BRAINSTORM, VOTE or DISCUSS steps.

Example of presentation mode in a Retrospective

Example of presentation mode in a Health Check

You can PRESENT ideas in each of the following steps.

  • BRAINSTORM - Present ideas one by one to allow people to quickly share what each one means or to clarify a topic before moving on. You scan sort or show who added the ideas (if not an anonymous retrospective) so that each person can talk through their ideas in turn.
  • GROUP - Present ideas and allow others to suggest recommended ideas for grouping. Ideas can be sorted in original order or by who added the idea.

  • DISCUSS - Present ideas one by one for in depth discussion after voting. Ideas can be sorted by the number of votes to determine priority and action items can be captured during this mode.

At each of the presentation modes, team members can add reactions, comments, and actions as needed.  As you move to the next idea, everyone will automatically be moved to the next idea and follow along. This allows to control the pace.

STOP PRESENTING takes you out of presentation mode and lets each team member navigate around ideas and categories freely on their own.

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