Adding context

Context allows you to set the stage for your meeting and is the first thing your team members will see when they enter a meeting.

The option to add context to your meetings is available during the CREATE step or at any time during a meeting from the CONTEXT sidebar.

Adding Context Whilst Creating A Meeting

After selecting a template for your meeting you are presented with the template customization window.

Enter your customer text in the CONTEXT dialogue box. (This is a rich text field.)

Alternatively you can click PRESETS to choose from a list of presets. 

Adding Context In The Sidebar

Context can be viewed, added or edited during your meeting from the CONTEXT sidebar. 

If you have not already added context to your meeting during the creation steps, you will be presented with the option to add context.

If you have already added context, it will be displayed. 

The context can be edited by clicking the EDIT icon (pencil)

Make sure to tick the CHECK MARK to save your changes or CROSS to disregard changes.

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