Recurring Health Checks

You can automatically create periodic health checks with your team. This will open up a new health check when the current one is closed, or a day after the previous health check was set to run. A new health check will be automatically created. Participants can add their ratings and responses in advance.

Each team can only have a single recurring health check at any one time.

Note: Invitations and invite codes will always remain valid. Permalinks will take you to the most recent health check.

Creating a new recurring Health Check

  • Select the appropriate team.

  • Go to HEALTH CHECKS. Select START A HEALTH CHECK.  If the health check name ends with a number it will be auto-incremented. e.g Health check 1, Health Check 2.

  • Once you have selected your template, toggle on RECURRING HEALTH CHECK
  • Select the frequency of your health check (e.g. every week, every two weeks etc.) and click on START HEALTH CHECK.

  • This will then create the Health check so you can continue as usual.

  • When you close the current health check, a new one will be created for you automatically and the participants will see this new open health check on their dashboard. If the INVITE IMMEDIATELY option was enabled, then participants will receive an email for the next health check.

Using a previous template for a recurring Health Check.

  • Go to the previous health check, then click on the options (hamburger) icon at the top left of the screen, followed by CUSTOMIZE.

  • Toggle on RECURRING HEALTH CHECKS. Select the frequency of your health checks (e.g. every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, every four weeks etc.) Then click SAVE CHANGES.

Cancelling your recurring Health Checks

  • Go to your Team's Health Check page.
  • Click on the Options Icon (3 dots) and Cancel Recurrence.
  • This will not delete any previous health check data.

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