What's new 23/24

April 2024

Facilitator's meeting notes

Facilitators can now add any rich-text meeting notes at the end of a retrospective or health check. Meeting notes will be visible to all participants and are included in:

  • Meeting summary emails 
  • Meeting report PDFs
  • Publish to Slack
  • Publish to MS Teams
  • Publish to Confluence

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improvement: A new sort option has been added in retrospective carousel views - Sort by Topics then Who Added. This is designed for teams who want to talk through their contributions but topic by topic.
  • Improvement: We've completed a major version upgrade of our SAML authentication library @node-saml/passport-saml (4.0.4 -> 5 changelog). Our testing has indicated this change should be transparent to customers, but please contact us if your users encounter any changes in SSO behavior.
  • Improvement: Users now have the option to give feedback on AI generated retrospective templates, health models and icebreaker questions.

March 2024

Facilitator Only retrospective and health check role

The "Facilitator Only" role allows the meeting facilitator to manage the retrospective or health check meeting without contributing content that could sway the team's perspectives. This ensures a neutral environment where all team members feel confident that their voices are heard and valued equally.

Facilitator Only users cannot add ideas, reactions or votes, however can still group ideas, comment, and add actions / agreements made by the team during discussion.

To clarify meeting roles the existing "Facilitator" role has been renamed "Facilitator + Participant".

You can adjust your role in the invite dialog, or by clicking on your avatar in the Team pane once the meeting has been created. 

Learn more about TeamRetro Roles and Permissions

Improved retrospective grouping phase

We’ve made a number of improvements to the grouping phase to make it smoother and easier to use:

  • Improved multi-lingual group suggestions using vector embeddings. 
  • Smoother interactions and animations while grouping. 
  • Facilitators can accept all or reject all suggested groups via the group suggestion dropdown. 
  • Suggested groups can be modified (drag ideas in / out) before accepting 
    • Remove a single idea from a suggested group by clicking the small (x) on the right hand side of the idea
  • Suggested groups appear in the same carousel view as other groups

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improvement: fixed an issue where users viewing an already completed / closed meeting would be listed as a meeting participant. For in-progress meetings, team members will be automatically added as participants.
  • Improvement: Action reminder emails are now only sent Monday-Friday in your local timezone.
  • Improvement: Hide "Resent Invite" button in participant dialog if participant has already joined.
  • Improvement: Improved Jira + Confluence integrations to give more detailed error messages.
  • Improvement: Internationalized demo retrospectives and health checks.
  • Improvement: Internationalized error pages (such as 404)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where meeting statistics would include NaN if no participants were invited.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue preventing recurring retrospective or health check invitation emails from sending correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where recurring retrospectives or health checks would re-add explicitly removed users to teams. Recurring retrospective and health checks will now only automatically add participants who are already a member of the team.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where joining a meeting via the Guest Link may result in invitation dialog showing if user was already an admin and member of the team.

February 2024

Jira 2-Way Synchronization

Our Jira integration now supports optional 2-way synchronization. When enabled, TeamRetro will periodically check the action items it’s published to your Jira instance. If the completion state, due date, assignment or priority has been updated,  these will be reflect back in TeamRetro.

  • Completion status - fully synchronized
  • Due date - fully synchronized
  • Assignment - best effort (user must exist in TeamRetro)
  • Priority - best effort (equivalent priority must exist in TeamRetro)

Only Jira issues originally created by TeamRetro will be polled and synchronized.  This feature is disabled by default for existing integrations; however, it will default to one for future Jira integrations. Team Admins can adjust the settings under Team > Settings > Integrations > Jira > Fields and enabling "Two-way synchronization".

Learn more about our Jira Software integration and Jira Software integration security.

User + Insights Role (Enterprise)

By request, we’ve added a new account-level role for enterprise accounts - User + Insights. This role is equivalent to the basic Account User role with additional read-only access to the cross-team insights reports.

Learn more about TeamRetro roles and permissions

Download Insight Chart / Table Images

You can now download a screen capture of insights charts and tables (such as latest health ratings, historical health ratings, return on time invested charts etc). Click on the camera button in the top right of the chart to download the image in PNG format.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement: Improved load-time performance for accounts and teams with a large number of custom health models
  • Improvement: Account, team and meeting roles chips in the UI will now display the definition of role on mouse hover.
  • Improvement: Insights -> Health will show all custom health models, not just those that have been used.
  • Improvement: Improved error handling with Jira + Confluence integrations
  • Bug fix: Fixed multiple incorrect translations
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue preventing some popovers from displaying correctly
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue preventing the "Add comments during survey" option from appearing correctly under Health Check meeting options.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where in some circumstances users were unable to delete their own comments

January 2024

Background Music Volume

You can now adjust your local background music volume while the timer is running by clicking on the music icon.

Insights Sample Data

Many folks have asked us to demonstrate the type of insights visualisations and reports you can gather using TeamRetro over time. We've introduced new "sample" data on the insights page, so you can view example insights for a fictitious organization to get a better feel for how TeamRetro insights and reports can be helpful to your team over time.

Observer Role in Retrospectives and Health Checks

Enterprise customers can now invite users to act as observers in a retrospective or health check (in Scrum terminology, TeamRetro now supports the chickens 🙂). 

Unlike regular participants:

  • Observers are always named (regardless of meeting anonymity) to help maintain a safe-space for contributing participants 
  • Observers cannot add ideas, vote, react, rate or comment or take any other actions - they can only observe.
  • Observers can be invited to individual retrospectives and health checks, and will not be automatically added as team members.

If you are interested in learning more about TeamRetro enterprise plans, please see https://secure.teamretro.com/enterprise or get in touch!

Preferred Name and Initials

Users can now update their user profile with their preferred name and initials, even if their account was created via Google login, Single Sign On (SSO) or SCIM.

Except where anonymity is enabled: 

  • Your preferred name will be used throughout the UI
  • Your preferred initials will be displayed in avatars unless you’ve provided an image

This feature makes it easier to differentiate users with the same initials, and ensures your preferences are saved and not overwritten by Google+ or SCIM. To set your preferred name and initials, click on your avatar in the top-right corner and select ‘Profile’.

Improved In-meeting Team Pane

We’ve improved the team pane to make it clearer what role each user has in the meeting; as well as making it easier to see whether a user is online, has finished or has triggered a live reaction.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement: TeamRetro will automatically send notifications to the Account Owners when a configured SSO identity provider signing certificate is due to expire in the next 30 days.
  • Improvement: Retrospective and Health Check PDF reports now include the meeting context and context image (if set).
  • Performance Improvement: We've updated how static assets (avatar images, topic images, background images etc) are served in TeamRetro to improve performance.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed support for Jira Integration numeric Sprint ID fields
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue preventing certain custom retrospective templates from appearing as expected in the Start Retrospective dialog
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a localization issue preventing check in / check out question text from displaying correctly
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue causing some topic images to appear black rather than the expected color, and preventing large avatar images from being resized as expected.
  • Bug Fix: Improved errors (and error handling) when creating an online subscription, or updating payment methods.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue preventing some team-created custom health models from appearing under cross-team insights

December 2023

TeamRetro's User Interface Now Supports German, French, and Spanish

We're thrilled to announce the beta release of our multilingual user interface. You now have the option to switch TeamRetro's default English interface to German, French, or Spanish. This can be easily done through the profile dropdown located at the top right corner of your screen. In the upcoming weeks, we'll be fine-tuning our translations and plan to introduce an automatic language detection feature based on your browser settings, which you'll still be able to customize. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, especially if you're interested in seeing TeamRetro in another language. Please feel free to reach out at info@teamretro.com.

Health Check Models, and all Retrospective Templates Available in German, French, and Spanish

We've expanded our range of best practice team health check templates to include versions in German, French, and Spanish, ensuring a more accessible and inclusive experience for diverse teams. Additionally our retrospective Community templates are now multi-lingual.

Monday.com Integration

You can now publish your action items as Monday.com items. Team admins can configure the new integration under Team -> Settings -> Integrations.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement: AI retrospective templates and AI health models can now be used to create templates under Team > Settings and Account > Settings
  • Improvement: We’ve added two new health check models - “Great Teams Health Check” and “Five Ideals of DevOps”
  • Improvement: The default maximum length of health check responses has been increased from 400 to 1000 characters
  • Improvement: Retrospective and health check meeting titles will now default to the last used value for the team, making it easier to keep consistent with naming conventions.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where some custom health models were not appearing correctly

November 2023

ClickUp Integration

You can now publish your action items as ClickUp tasks. Team admins can configure the new integration under Team -> Settings -> Integrations.

Every Month, Every Second Month or every Third Month Recurring Retrospectives / Health Checks

You can now set up your retrospectives or health checks to automatically recur every month, every second month, or every third month.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement - Retrospective ideas reports now indicate who added an idea (respecting the anonymity mode of the retrospective).
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue preventing Guest participants from joining a retrospective if Require SSO was enabled.
  • Improvement - More forgiving parsing of OpenAI responses to improve the reliability of AI retrospective template generation.
  • Improvement - Ensure any hyperlinks added in retrospective/health check context are opened in new tab.
  • Improvement - Signing certificates are now required for all SSO Identity Providers
  • Bug Fix - Hyperlinks added on the retrospective canvas are now directly clickable

October 2023

AI-Generated Health Models

Create a health model tailored specifically for your team and focus areas with TeamRetro’s new AI generated health models (powered by OpenAI ChaptGPT). 

  • Choose your team type
  • Choose your language (bn, de, en, es, fr, hi, id, it, ja, ko, th, tl, vn, zh)
  • … and choose your focus area. eg.
    • DevOps
    • Customer engagement
    • Remote working
    • Scrum practices
    • Stakeholder engagement

TeamRetro will give you a draft health model you can refine, along with examples of positive and negative responses for each dimension.  

Try it out under Team > Health Checks > Start Health Check > AI

Privacy and Security - Only the options you select and your theme will be shared with OpenAI, no other health check data or personal information is shared. For further information please see our TeamRetro AI Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Enhance Your Meetings with Background Music 🎶

Elevate the atmosphere of your retrospectives and health checks with background music in TeamRetro! Now, you can infuse some energy and creativity into your sessions. We've curated six distinctive playlists to help you set just the right mood:

  • Acoustic: For a soothing and natural vibe. 
  • Chilled: Perfect for a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. 
  • Classical: Elegant and timeless melodies to inspire reflection. 
  • Global: Dive into a world of diverse sounds and rhythms. 
  • Inspiring: Uplifting tunes to spark fresh ideas and motivation. 
  • Upbeat: Get ready for an energetic and dynamic experience.

Here's how it works:

  1. Subtle Ambiance: The selected background music plays at a gentle volume, enriching the atmosphere without overpowering the conversation.
  2. Participant Control: Worried about personal preferences? No problem! Participants can independently mute the music by clicking on the music button next to the timer. It's all about making everyone comfortable.
  3. Focused Timing: The background music fades out gracefully as the timer reaches its end, signaling the conclusion of your activity.

Unleash the power of music to enhance your meetings. Try it out today and let the rhythm of improvement flow! 🎵✨

Icebreaker Questions in Deutsch, Français and Español

Our library of icebreaker questions is now available in four languages (English, Deutsch, Français and Español). Choose the language most comfortable for your team! Behind the scenes we are continuing work on the overall internationalization of TeamRetro... watch this space 😊

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement - Improved support for 3DS authorized credit card payment.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed a race condition where in some circumstances participants would see a broken/blank screen after first joining a retrospective or health check. The issue resolved with a reload.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where setting check-in question or check-out question to "none" caused UI binding issues for some users.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where large action lists may fail to publish to Microsoft Teams due to the size of the list. TeamRetro will now truncate the list (you can click through to see all!) to ensure successful publication.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue preventing the user from cancelling changes to a custom icebreaker question.
  • Bug Fix - Explciitly set charset=utf-8 during synchronization to avoid character encoding issues with some proxies.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue resetting meeting date to the current day when creating new retrospectives and health checks
  • Improvement - To improve email deliverability, we no longer validate recipient mail server certificates (although do continue to require TLS 1.2+ for security)
  • Improvement - Participant typing indicator now appears in Health Check Survey step

September 2023

Live Feedback and Reactions

TeamRetro presentation mode now supports live feedback and live reactions, adding a new layer of engagement to your retrospectives and health checks. Live feedback and reactions are enabled by default, however can be disabled under the retrospective and health check OPTIONS tab. 

Live Feedback

Participants can share live feedback with the facilitator by toggling the following options on and off. The count of participants giving the feedback is shown, and clicking on that count will display the participant name or aliases.

  • Slow Down / Speed Up

    Indicate you’d like to discuss further (slow down) or move on (speed up). Ensure your team doesn’t get bogged down discussing a single issue.

  • Agree / Disagree

    Indicate you agree / disagree with current discussion - a great tool to run a quick poll while presenting.

  • Raised Hand

    Indicate you have a question or contribution to share.

Live feedback automatically expires after 10 minutes. Slow Down/Speed Up and Agree/Disagree feedback will automatically clear when you move to the next item in the presentation. 

Live Reactions ❤️ 🎉 👏 😀 😮 🤔 😡 😢

Participants can react to current discussion using live reactions - these appear as a stream in the background of the presentation mode.  

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement - Scrolling in TeamRetro now uses native scrolling behaviors and scrollbars where possible, ensuring a more consistent and reliable experience.
  • Improvement - Team admins will now be prompted to become facilitator for a health check or retrospective if the currently assigned facilitators are offline.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue preventing health check recurrence from being disabled

August 2023

AI Generated Icebreakers!

Unlock infinite icebreaker ideas with our new ChatGPT powered AI Icebreakers. When setting up your icebreaker, click “AI’, provide a theme and language, and we’ll generate 5 unique icebreaker questions for you to pick from. We hope you have as much fun with this as we have!

Icebreakers in Retrospectives and Health Checks!

Start your retrospective or health check with an icebreaker activity. Add an icebreaker question (or use one from our collection) and take turns answering using the team member name spinner. 

Questions categories include:

  • Fun
  • Deep and meaningful
  • Building safety
  • Check-ins
  • Get to know
  • Work focused
  • Warm-ups
  • Team building

Facilitators can enable the icebreaker step under the Process tab when starting a new retrospective or health check meeting.

Looking to run an Icebreaker outside a retrospective or health check?

Check out our Icebreaker Tool

Customizable Retrospective and Health Check Process

You can now customize the steps in your TeamRetro retrospective and health check meetings under the Process tab. Prefer to review every idea rather than group and/or vote first? You can now disable these steps to streamline your process.

The new process editor also allows you to customize all retrospective and health check settings in one screen before you’ve started your meeting. 

Welcome Step

Set the context for your retrospective or health check with a Welcome step. You can also upload an image (which will appear in the Welcome step, Welcome dialog and Context side panel).

Check In Questions

Add a check in question to your welcome step

Energy levels
Safety Check
Weather Report
Sprint Happiness

Check Out Questions

Add a check in question to the end of your retrospective or health check

Delivery Confidence
Pulse Check
Retrospective Process
Return on Time Invested

Open Actions Step

Make sure your actions don’t fall off the radar by reviewing at the beginning of your retrospective or health check meetings. Enable the Open Actions step under the Process tab to walk through your open actions and check their status with the team (supports presentation mode)

Hundreds of New Topic Icons

We've added hundreds of new topic icons to the built-in library - giving you more options when you create custom retrospective templates; as well as making the AI-generate templates more creative 🙂

Recurring Health Checks

You can now mark a health check as recurring (every week, two weeks, three weeks or four weeks) and TeamRetro will automatically open a new health check when:

  • Your current health check meeting date has passed 
  • Or your previous retrospective has been closed
  • health check

Each team can schedule a single recurring health check.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Bug Fix - Added handling for mojibake encoding issues on reactions
  • Bug Fix - Fix incorrect link in team request email when using custom domains
  • Improvement - AI retrospective template generation is now more reliable
  • Improvement - Improved SAML support:
    • allow SAML profiles without email address if they match an existing TeamRetro user account (email address is required for new TeamRetro user accounts)
    • support array attributes in SAML profiles (such as multiple email addresses)
    • attempt to email address from name, nameId attributes if not provided explicitly
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with insights and reports preventing activity occurring on the last day of the reporting period from being included correctly.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue preventing regular team members (non-admins) from using AI-generated retrospective templates, even if they have been granted permission to start new retrospectives.

July 2023

API Enhancements (Enterprise)

Endpoints are now available for Enterprise users to delete old retrospective and health check meetings. These are soft-deleted for 30 days before being permanently deleted. See our API documentation

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement - TeamRetro now enforces SSL connections and a valid certificate for outgoing emails.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue causing some actions to be excluded from recent open actions report due to timezone differences.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where account users who were not members of any teams were not appearing in the Users report.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue preventing recurring meeting titles from auto-incrementing. eg. "Sprint 1", "Sprint 2", "Sprint 3".
  • Improvement - switched to using Confluence search API for parent page picker in Confluence integration configuration screen. "search" scope will be requested for new Confluence integrations (existing integrations will use existing lookup logic). This change improves our support for large Confluence instances with 1000s of pages.

June 2023

🪄AI Generated Retrospective Templates

Unleash your retrospective creativity with our new AI-generated retro templates. Simply choose a few options and with the help of Open AI we’ll generate a unique retrospective especially for the occasion.

  • Choose the number of topics
  • Choose your team type
  • Choose your language (bn, de, en, es, fr, hi, id, it, ja, ko, th, tl, vn, zh)
  • … and choose your theme. e.g.
    • improve productivity, team communication (serious)
    • post-release, new project  (situational)
    • puppies, robots, crime scene investigation (entertaining)

Our mostly-tame AI will generate a unique retrospective format for you to then use, customise further or save as a template for future use!

Privacy and Security

Only the AI generated template options you select and your theme will be shared with Open AI, no other retrospective data or personal information is shared. For further information please see our TeamRetro AI Template Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Example AI Retrospective - "Increase Velocity"

Paste Multiple Actions

It's now easier to add multiple action items in your team, retrospectives or health checks. If you paste any of the following in the action input...

  • bulleted action list (ie. from a document)
  • multiple rows of actions (ie. from spreadsheet)
  • or multiple paragraphs separated by two new lines

... each will be added as a separate action items.

Jira Integration - Personal Access Tokens and API Token Authentication

You can now connect your TeamRetro teams to Jira Cloud using an API Token for authentication, or your Jira Server / Data Center instances using a Personal Access Token. 

We recommend users who are currently authenticated to Jira Server / Data Center instances using username/password to switch to Personal Access Token authentication for improved security.

Confluence Integration - Multiple Improvements

We’ve made a number of improvements to our Confluence integration to make it easier to configure, and more flexible and robust. These improvements include:

  • Support for new authentication methods:
    • API Token 
    • Personal Access Token
    • Application Links
  • Improved configuration - it’s easier to search for and select the parent page you want to use for your generated retrospectives / health check summaries 
  • Customise your page titles  - you can now specify a custom naming template for your published retrospective and health check pages. Available substitutions include:
    • {{RetrospectiveTitleOrDate}}
    • {{HealthCheckTitleOrDate}}
    • {{YY}} {{YYYY}} 
    • {{M}} {{MM}} {{MMM}} {{MMMM}}
    • {{D}} {{DD}} {{Do}}
  • Test your confluence integration setup directly from the configuration dialog

We recommend users who are currently authenticated to Confluence Server / Data Center instances using username/password to switch to Personal Access Token authentication for improved security.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement - We've improved the presentation of action items in the carousel view to include more text from the inspiring retrospective idea(s) or health check dimension. Clicking on the text will open the source retrospective idea(s) or health check dimension in a new window.
  • Improvement - We've updated our ZIP compression libraries to ensure large report downloads are delivered correctly in a timely fashion.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where action items would be created as 'accepted' rather than 'proposed' if the user clicks off an idea after typing the action text and proposing actions is enabled.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where clicking on Setup Guide on the integrations page would fail to open the associated setup guides.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where clicking the 'inspired by' meeting link on an action would open an invalid link if the retrospective or health check is no longer open.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where a retrospective or health check may be created without a facilitator when "invite immediately" is enabled.

May 2023

New Status Page - BetterUptime

We've switched to BetterUptime for improved monitoring and alerting. You can sign up at https://teamretro.betteruptime.com/ to receive notifications of scheduled maintenance or service status changes.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Bug Fix - Fixed an browser-related issue preventing some users from clicking to open and comment on an idea in the Vote and Discuss steps.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where account users were unable to create new teams, even if granted permission under the Account -> User settings
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where action items published to Jira Cloud would not be assigned to matching users in Jira if the user was not in the first 50 returned by the Jira API.
  • Bug Fix - Fixed an issue health radar labels were not being colored correctly.

April 2023

Custom Health Checks - Color Scales & Negative Ranges

We've extended health checks to support customizable color scales (not just Green & Red) and to a wide range of numeric options (eg. -2...2, -5...5) etc.

Major Feature Update - Introducing Insights 🚀

Gain insight into your overall team happiness, sentiment and activity! The TeamRetro insights feature is designed to empower and support your teams, as well as offering a cross-team view of how all of your teams are tracking in their retrospectives and health checks. With insights you can:

  • Identify trends and themes across retrospectives
  • Easily see and share key metrics
  • Understand how actions are created, tracking and completed
  • Track meeting return on time invested (ROTI)
  • Discover the frequency of retrospectives and most used retrospective templates
  • Track evolving team sentiments
  • See word clouds of common retrospective and health check themes
  • See how individual health dimensions have changed over time
  • Filter all results by teams and time

Team-level insights are available on ALL plans for Team Admins. 

Cross-team insights are only available on our Enterprise plan for Account Admins. https://www.teamretro.com/enterprise

Activity Insights

Key metrics on your team's overall usage of TeamRetro including how often they run retrospectives and health checks. It shows the actions and agreements created in any given time period.

Retrospective Insights

Get key metrics on retrospectives, ideas and actions and the participation rate of invited team members.

Track return on time invested responses over time for your retrospectives.

See the frequency of retrospectives run by teams.

See the most-used templates as well as topic headers.

Identify common themes by sentiment in your team retrospectives for a given time frame.

Track sentiment trends based on the number of ideas contributed to positive sentiment topics (e.g “What went well?”) compared to negative sentiment topics (e.g “What could have gone better?”) from one retrospective to the next.

Health Check Insights

Get key metrics on health checks, ideas and actions and the participation rate of invited team members.

See a heat-map of the latest ratings of health check dimensions across teams.

Track historical ratings for each health check dimension.

See key themes from health check survey comments with word clouds (colored by associated ratings).

Track return on time invested responses over time for your health check meetings.

Actions Insights

Get key metrics on actions from creation to completion.

Track created actions over time by selected teams.

Track open actions by age for selected teams.

See the number of published actions to your integrated task management tool.

See the time to completion for actions by team and time frame.

Agreements Insights

Key metrics on team agreements in total and range per team.

See key themes from team agreements with word clouds based on team colours.


Access and download your reports all in one location.

Topic Sentiment for Retrospectives

You can now set the sentiment for each retrospective topic for new templates, or modify the existing ones. Get a sense of where people are focusing their time and energy in retrospectives to help get a sense of team sentiment.

Sentiment values are reflected in your insights and reports.

Sentiment range from positive to negative, as well as neutral or unknown.

March 2023

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement - We've added a new retrospective download "Ideas (ungrouped)". If you'd prefer to download your retrospective data with one idea per row (rather than one row per group) - this report can help you out. You can find this option under Retrospective > Share > Download > Ideas (ungrouped)
  • Performance Improvements: We've optimized some of our back-end tasks to ensure consistent performance.  

February 2023

Recurring Retrospective

You can now mark a retrospective as recurring (every week, two weeks, three weeks or four weeks) and TeamRetro will automatically open a new retrospective when:

  • Your current retrospective meeting date has passed 
  • Or your previous retrospective has been closed

Your team will be invited to start capturing ideas at the beginning of your iteration. Each team can schedule a single recurring retrospective.

Custom Create Team Request Process

Account Owners can now provide a custom message and URL to present to users when they request a new team be created. This is ideal for organizations with internal processes (for example, an IT ticketing system) managing the creation of TeamRetro teams. You can find the option under Account > Settings > Security

Enterprise plan Team Admins can now generate a guestURL to join retrospectives or health checks, along with the existing ability to invite guests directly by email. Guest users only have access to the specific retrospective or health check to which they were invited, and are not added as team members or account users.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement: Health check scores are no longer visible on the Team > Health page while the health survey is open 
  • Improvement: Extended TeamRetro Health Checks API to include option to optionally retrieve anonymous health check ratings and comments. See our API documentation
  • Bug Fix: Fixes have been deployed to maintain SCIM compatibility with Microsoft Azure AD SCIM, including support for the urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:enterprise:2.0:User manager field.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where SCIM deactivated (not deleted) users still appeared in member lists on the Account -> Teams page

January 2023 🎉

Happy new year from TeamRetro! 

New Community Templates

Mix up your retrospectives with one of our new community templates:

Jira & Confluence Caller IP Address Change (March 2023)

On March 13th TeamRetro will be updating the source IP address used for outbound calls to on-premise Jira and Confluence instances (used to publish action items and meeting reports). If your organization has restricted incoming calls to our previously published IP addresses, you'll need to whitelist the new IP address in order to prevent an interruption to service. The current IP addresses can be removed from your firewall whitelist any time after March 21st 2023.  

  • US Environment - (NEW) - and (CURRENT)
  • EU Environment - (NEW) - and (CURRENT)

Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud integrations are not impacted by this change. Potentially affected integration users have been directly notified by email.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement: Team creation request emails now include a list of of proposed team member emails.
  • Improvement: It's now easier to reopen a meeting that has been accidentally closed. On your team homepage you can right click (or click the three dots) to show the menu and select "Reopen retrospective" or "Reopen health check".
  • Improvement:
  • Improvement: Timezone Aware - TeamRetro now detects your local timezone to ensure action reminder emails are sent during your local daylight hours. You can explicitly set your preferred timezone on your user profile page.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed permission issue preventing program team admin from downloading program-level reports.
  • Improvement - Azure DevOps integration now supports > 100 projects
  • Improvement - Asana integration now supports large number of projects
  • Performance Improvements - TeamRetro is now hosted on higher performance AWS Fargate dynos, and static asset caching has been optimised. 
  • Bug Fix - Client-side HTML scrubbing for retrospective and health check context field has been improved to prevent false-positives from our web application firewall.
  • Tweak - We've moved Sailboat and SWOT Analysis retrospective templates from the Community tab into the Standard tab to make these popular formats more discoverable.

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