TeamRetro API

Getting started with the TeamRetro API

Configuring the TeamRetro API is currently only included on the Enterprise account. This can only be configured by the Organizational Owner.

What can be done with the API?

Using the API you can:

  • manage users
  • manage teams
  • manage team memberships
  • manage actions
  • manage agreements
  • view health models
  • view retrospective metadata
  • view health check metadata
  • download CSV reports, including:
    • team activity
    • team action activity
    • retrospective activity
    • health check activity
    • team health
    • users

How to create an API key?

  • To create an API key, log in as the organization owner and at the account organization level, click on SETTINGS —> API & SCIM.

  • Read through TeamRetro API Documentation as needed, then CREATE API KEY.
  • Choose the scope to be covered by the API (e.g. Read & Write)

  • Save when completed. The API key can also be revoked as needed.

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