You can integrate your TeamRetro team with your ClickUp account to automatically publish team action items as ClickUp tasks.

To configure this integration you must be a TeamRetro team administrator.

Configure in TeamRetro


  2. Click CONNECT next to ClickUp.

  3. You will be asked to sign in to your ClickUp account.

    Click on SIGN IN TO CLICKUP.

  4. You will be prompted by ClickUp to choose the workspace(s) TeamRetro should have permission to publish action items to.

  5. Once you choose your workspace, you will be redirected back into TeamRetro to chose your desired ClickUp Workspace, Space, Folder and List to publish this team's action items into.

    Once you have filled in those details, click "Next" ->

  6. You will then have the option to PUBLISH TEST ACTION ITEM to see if the integration was successful.

    If you do, you will then have a link directly to that action item in ClickUp to see what it looks like.

  1. Back in TeamRetro, click on SAVE CHANGES and if the connection was successful, you should see CONNECTED.

Testing Your Integration

Back on your TEAM > HOME screen, click the publish icon and you will see ClickUp as an option. After selecting, TeamRetro will post all action items to ClickUp.

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