Display names and icons

If there is a meeting with multiple people with the same initials, participants can change their display name and icon to allow you to identify between participants.

By default, the first initials of their first and last name are used. They can update their user profile with their preferred name and initials, even if their account was created via Google login, Single Sign On (SSO) or SCIM. They will also be assigned a different colour.

Click on your PROFILE to:

  • change your avatar to an animal, expression, mask or person.
  • upload an image or photo.
  • change the COLOR of your icon.

Except where anonymity is enabled: 

  • Your preferred name will be used throughout the UI
  • Your preferred initials will be displayed in avatars unless you’ve provided an image

This feature makes it easier to differentiate users with the same initials, and ensures your preferences are saved and not overwritten by Google+ or SCIM.

To set your preferred name and initials, click on your avatar in the top-right corner and select ‘Profile’.

NOTE: If you already have a profile picture/avatar, you will need to remove it to be able to set your preferred initials.

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