You can integrate your TeamRetro team with your GitLab account, and automatically publish action items as GitLab issues. To configure this integration you must be a TeamRetro Team Administrator or an Account Administrator.

Configure in TeamRetro

  • Sign in to your TeamRetro account.
  • On the TEAM > SETTINGS > INTEGRATIONS screen, click on CONNECT next to GitLab

  • You will then have the option to choose between the connection type based on your needs

  • Proceed to enter your Access Token (and the Server URL for GitLab Self Managed connection) that you had created on your account and click on the arrow '->'. If you don't have one, then follow the steps under the 'Creating an Access Token' heading below.

  • If that succeeds, you'll be prompted to select the project you would like to publish your action items to

  •  Upon a successful connection, you can test the integration by publishing an action item as a GitLab issue

  • Click on SAVE CHANGES and you will see that the connection was successful back on the integrations pages

Testing your integration

Back on your TEAM> HOME screen, click the publish icon and you will see PUBLISH TO GITLAB as an option. You can also publish all action items at once. After selecting, TeamRetro will create a new Issue in GitLab and display the corresponding Issue ID on the card.

Creating an Access Token

  • To create an access token in GitLab, click on your icon at the top right followed by 'Preferences'

  • Click on the 'Access Tokens' tab on the left navigation bar

  • Give your Access Token a name (e.g. TeamRetro or similar) and check the 'api' scope option underneath the "Select scopes" heading

  • Click on 'Create personal access token' at the bottom and one will be created for you. Be sure you keep record of it so it isn't lost

GitLab APIs Used

In order to send action items through to GitLab, we retrieve a list of projects, issues and users to allow the administrator to select the target issue location in GitLab, populate required values and select default values.

Purpose  GitLab edition
Retrieve version information for this GitLab instance.
Responds 200 OK for authenticated users.
We use this endpoint to test connectivity.

/api/v4/version (GET)

Get a list of all visible projects for the authenticated user, for GitLab Project Fields /api/v4/projects (GET)
Get a list of GitLab User query by email address.
This endpoint is used to get users that should be assigned to the issue / published action item
/api/v4/users (GET)
Create GitLab issue & test integration /api/v4/projects/[Project ID]/issues (POST)
Delete GitLab issue /api/v4/projects/[Project ID]/issues/[Issue ID] (DELETE)

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