You can integrate your TeamRetro team with your Basecamp account, to automatically publish team action items as Basecamp Todos. To configure this integration you must be a TeamRetro team administrator.

Configure in TeamRetro

  1. On the TEAM > SETTINGS > INTEGRATION screen

  2. Click CONNECT next to Basecamp

  3. If you are not already, you will be redirected and asked to log in into Basecamp with your credentials

  4. You will then be asked to grant TeamRetro access to your Basecamp account

  5. Click on 'Yes, I'll allow access' and you will be redirected back into TeamRetro to complete the configuration. You will now have the ability to choose the Basecamp Account, Project, and To-Do list that you have set up in Basecamp to publish your action items to.

  6. Click on SAVE CHANGES and, if the connection was successful, you will see that you have integrated your TeamRetro account with your Basecamp account

Testing your integration

Back on your TEAM> HOME screen, click the publish icon next to an individual action item and you will see PUBLISH TO BASECAMP as an option. You can also publish all action items at once. After selecting, TeamRetro will create a new to-do in Basecamp and display the icon on the card that will allow to open the item directly in Basecamp.

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