You can integrate your TeamRetro team with your Slack channel to publish invitations and summaries of team actions. To configure this integration you must be a TeamRetro team administrator.

This integration requires incoming-webhook permission to your team's Slack channel. You can learn more about this permission at

Configure in TeamRetro

  1. On the TEAM > SETTINGS > INTEGRATION screen

  2. Click CONNECT next to Slack

  3. You will be redirected to Slack Auth login. 
  4. Select the channel you'd like your TeamRetro team to post to, eg. "#general"
  5. If you are comfortable with the permissions requested, select "Allow"

  6. Once you've granted permission you'll be redirected back to TeamRetro to confirm your integration details.

    7. Click SAVE CHANGES and if the connection was successful, you should see CONNECTED.

Testing Your Integration

Back on your TEAM > HOME screen, click the publish icon and you will see PUBLISH TO SLACK as an option. After selecting, TeamRetro will post a summary of current open action items to Slack.

Inviting Your Team via Slack

When inviting participants to a retrospective or health check, you'll now see the option to invite by SLACK.

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