Microsoft teams

You can integrate your TeamRetro team with your Microsoft Teams channel. To configure this integration you must be a TeamRetro team administrator.

Create a Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhook

  1. Sign into your Microsoft Teams account.
  2. Next to the team channel you'd like to link TeamRetro to, select Manage team from the drop down menu.

  3. Click on the Apps tab from the top navigation panel.

  4. Search for "Webhook" in the search bar, look for and click on the "Incoming Webhook" option.

  5. Click on Add to a team.

  6. Type in the team name you want to set up the webhook in

  7. Give your Incoming Webhook a name - "TeamRetro" - and optionally upload an image.

    You can use this image:

  8. Click Create
  9. After a moment, Microsoft Teams will present you a Webhook URL (like below). Copy this - you'll need to enter this later in TeamRetro.

Configure Microsoft Teams integration in TeamRetro


  1. Click CONNECT next to Microsoft Teams

  2. Paste the Webhook URL (eg. you copied earlier.

  3. SAVE your CHANGES and if the connection was successful, you should see CONNECTED next to Teams on the integrations page

Testing Your Integration

Back on your  Team > Home screen, click the publish icon and you will see "Publish to Microsoft Teams" as an option.

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