ROTI - return on time invested

The Return on Time Invested (ROTI) feature allows you to easily gather feedback from your team at the end of your meeting (retrospective or health check) based on how much value each participant perceives the meeting delivered.

Compiled by way of a simple poll as you close the session, the ROTI offers you a quick snapshot of meeting effectiveness.

This feedback can be used when reflecting on what made the meeting valuable, or what could improve future ones.

The results of the ROTI will stay in the meeting until disabled.

Enable/Disable ROTI

As the facilitator, you can enable "Return on Time Invested" under your meeting options. TeamRetro will remember your last setting. This can be turned on at any time even if you have already started running your meeting.

The ROTI poll will appear in the last step (SHARE). You can encourage your team to indicate how much value they received out of their retrospective or health check. You can choose whether or not you want to reveal the results immediately or review them later.

Based on the results, you can simply close the retrospective or discuss the results with your team. For example -

Mainly 4's and 5's, ask the team to share what made the meeting valuable so that you can replicate this for future meetings.

Mainly 3's and 4's, ask the team what would be something that would make it a 5.

Mainly 1's and 2's, ask the team for potential reasons and what could be changed for next time.

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