Team health overview

TeamRetro Reports are an Enterprise Plan feature

Team Health Overview shows you the overall snap shot of the health of all your teams based on their last known health check. This view also shows you whether or not there has been an upwards or downwards shift from the previous health check. It will let you quickly get a heat map view of which health dimensions, and which teams are excelling, and which may need additional support.

  • To access the Team Health Overview, navigate to your ORGANIZATION HOME PAGE and click the REPORTS tab.

  • From here, you can see your team health overview. The row AVERAGE will highlight the simple average of all the responses for each health dimension. The column AVERAGE shows the overall team average across all health dimensions.
  • Click on each Health dimension to sort the data based on that dimension from highest to lowest and vice versa.
  • You can filter which teams by deciding which teams you want to SHOW the health dimensions for.
  • You can also DOWNLOAD all historical information in a CSV or EXCEL format.

  • If you have a health check that was run based on emoticons, you can also toggle to SHOW NUMBERS instead.

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