Third party vendors


Do I have to go through a third-party vendor to use TeamRetro?

No, we are happy to partner with you directly.

Can I purchase TeamRetro from a third-party vendor or procurement provider?

Yes, we can work with third-party providers.

Do you offer any special discounts via third-party vendors?

Not specifically. Our discounts are based on team volume, duration, and the specifics of the contract. We do not generally provide any additional discounts for third-party vendors.

Are there any additional transaction fees associated with using a third-party vendor?

No, we do not charge any additional fees. Your third-party vendor, however, may include fees as part of their service, so you should contact them directly.

Who would be the point of contact between my company and TeamRetro?

You can nominate company representatives or the third-party vendor as an authorized representative.

How do I add more teams?

An authorised representative can let us know to add more teams and an invoice will be raised.

Who pays for the invoice/ How do I process payment?

Generally speaking, if you go through the third-party provider, they will process the payment.

Which third-party providers do you work with?

We already work with a wide range of third-party providers and vendor portals including, but not limited to, SHI, GovSmart, Coupa, Syssoft, and Payoneer, among others. Please get in touch with us directly if you have a particular vendor or portal in mind.


Am I able to purchase TeamRetro as a third-party vendor on behalf of our clients?

Yes, we can work with approved third-party vendors to support our TeamRetro users.

Is delivery to the end user available through us as a third-party vendor?

Yes, it is via a purchase order.

How do I obtain a quote for a client?

Please write to us at and provide us with

  • Client company name
  • Point of contact
  • Name and email of account owner
  • Preferred hosting (US or EU)
  • Number of teams
  • Duration of license and
  • Preferred currency (USD, EURO, CAD, GBP, AUS, NZD, SGD)
  • Plan type (Single team, small organisation, large organisation, enterprise)

What are your terms of purchase and delivery?

Our terms of purchase are usually 14 days. In some circumstances, we will allow 30 days. We can provision licenses within 1-2 working business days. New customers require a purchase order or payment to activate their account. As TeamRetro is a SaaS cloud product, no download is required. The users will be able to confirm that their account has been activated.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfers (electronic) or credit card payments. Please note a credit card surcharge of 1.5% applies. Please note we do not accept bank cheques.

Do you offer any reseller discounts?

No, we don't have a reseller discount due to additional requirements. Standard volume and annual discounts apply.

Do you have a specific RRP?

No, we do not.

How long are your quotes valid for?

Our quotes are valid for 30 days

How do I accept a quote?

An order can be placed by accepting the e-quote we send through, or by providing a purchase order.

Do you complete security questionnaires and who do we contact?

We complete security questionnaires for enterprise customers and can provide a copy of our SOC 2, Type 2, under an NDA. For more security and privacy-related questions, please contact us at

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