SCIM Provisioning with OKTA


To set up SCIM provisioning with OKTA, you'll need:

  • A TeamRetro ENTERPRISE subscription
  • The Organization Owner role in TeamRetro (to create an SCIM-scope API key)
  • An Administrator role in OKTA (to configure SCIM)
  • OKTA SSO set up on your TeamRetro application

    See our OKTA SSO configuration guide

Configuring SCIM

Step 0 - Set up OKTA Single Sign On (SSO) with TeamRetro

See our OKTA SSO configuration guide

Step 1 - Get your TeamRetro SCIM API key

  • In TeamRetro, browse to [ORGANIZATION] > SETTINGS > SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO)
  • Toggle SCIM to enabled (you may wish to disable Read and Write API access also)
  • Click CREATE
  • Copy the unique SCIM API key to use later in OKTA

Step 2 - Enable SCIM Provisioning in OKTA

  • In OKTA, navigate to the Applications > Applications page
  • Click on the TeamRetro application you've created earlier for SSO
  • Navigate to the General Tab
  • Click Edit under App Settings
  • Check Enable SCIM provisioning
  • Click Save

Step 2 - Configure SCIM Provisioning In OKTA

  • Navigate to the Provisioning > Integration Tab
  • Click Edit under SCIM Connection
  • Update the fields:
    • SCIM connector base URL:
    • Unique identifier field for users: userName
    • Supported provisioning actions: Select
      • Push New Users
      • Push Profile Updates
      • Push Groups
    • Authentication Mode: HTTP Header
    • Authorization: <Your SCIM API Key created earlier>
  • Click Save

  • Under the Provisioning > To App tab
  • Click Edit under Provisioning to App
  • Enable:
    • Create Users
    • Update User Attributes
    • Deactivate Users
  • Click Save

  • Under the Assignments tab, ensure the app is assigned to all the users that require access to TeamRetro

    Note: OKTA will not deactivate any existing users directly added in TeamRetro, unless those users are provisioned for in/by OKTA first.

How to Provision a Team via OKTA

In OKTA, under the TeamRetro Assignments tab you can manage the users and groups in OKTA that will be provisioned for in TeamRetro.

Note: Users/Groups not assigned to the application will not be provisioned for in TeamRetro.

Note: If after a few minutes the groups created in OKTA don't show in TeamRetro, go to the Push Groups tab and manually push the groups that you want.

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